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H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R,      P E T E R     S T E I N H A R T


It seems whatever subject award-winning writer Peter Steinhart turns his attention to, the world is much better off -- whether nature, the environment, or, now, drawing and, specifically, figure drawing, a personal pasttime of Mr Steinhart's. In this best-selling book, Mr Steinhart's writing is clear and elegant, and he has a way of making the subject fascinating, even to readers who have never considered it. Critics have used words such as "charming . . . illuminating . . . affecting . . . intriguing . . . rare . . . transcendent." The Los Angeles Times called the book "Richly enjoyable . . . lucidly written, delightfully illustrated . . . as stimulating as it is enlightening." The Washington Post said, "This engaged and engaging book makes its lucky readers feel that only by picking up a pencil and drawing can we tap into 'a repository of wisdom and energy, purpose and comfort' that is larger than all of us." The book not only records the growth of figure drawing all around the country, but has also encouraged it. So, here's to Mr Peter Steinhart, who, with this wonderful book, has done a tremendous service for the world of figure art.
Order Peter Steinhart's book, The Undressed Art: Why We Draw

H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R,      G A Y L E     P I C K E N


An annual exhibit -- this year March 14 - 22 -- in Stanwood, Washington, celebrating the nude figure in art, attracting thousands of visitors, and a 24-hour Life-Drawing Marathon, in association with Gallery by the Bay, to raise donations for the American Cancer Society. "Our mission with UNCLAD: to create a beautiful art event that engages people in the world of art and inspires artists to push forward."
We heartily thank Ms Gayle Picken for her many years of hard work organizing and running the UNCLADArt Exhibit, and we welcome her into the family of honorary Figure-Drawing League members!
A sample of the amazing variety of works from the exhibit:

H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R,      E L I Z A B E T H     R O S N E R



In this brilliant novel, prizewinning poet and best-selling author Elizabeth Rosner uses her amazing ability with words to explore the fascinating and sometimes complex relationship of the model and artist. A once-prominent, now-creatively-blocked painter teaches at an art institute while his own canvases remain mysteriously empty. But something about his new model's compelling beauty -- as well as the deep human pain that she brings to their creative relationship -- touches his tortured soul. Is she the muse he has been waiting for? Can she overcome her own embedded fears, and learn to trust him? Through the transcendent power of art, they may yet learn to move forward together.
Critics and reviewers describe the book in words like "thought-provoking, moving, and original" . . . "sensual, intimate" . . . "engrossing" . . . "hard to put down" . . . "a love letter to the world" . . . "a masterpiece." Publishers Weekly said, "Rosner presents a simple but earnest belief in the power of art to heal and reconcile." The American Library Association's Booklist said, "In a restrained yet elegiacal voice, Rosner explores the power of memory and the providence of art to amplify and alleviate human suffering."
In 2006, Ms Rosner also wrote a short, lovely New York Times (May 26, 2006) article, "Full Exposure," about her own experiences of trying art modeling for herself as an undergraduate. It is one of the most honest, thoughtful, and compassionate articles anyone could ever read about what it is to be an art model -- and a woman in our visually judgmental society.
So, for all these things she has done for figure art, we heartlily thank Ms Elizabeth Rosner and welcome her into our family of honorary Figure-Drawing League members.
Order Elizabeth Rosner's novel Blue Nude

H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R,      F L O     A L L E N


In 1946, in San Francisco's Bay Area, a group of art models, led by model Flo Allen, founded a member-run professional organization for artists' models in the San Francisco Bay Area. Technically a nonprofit mutual-benefit corporation, the Guild has written bylaws, a board of directors, and officers. The Guild accepts models of both genders, all over eighteen years of age, and of every body type. Anyone can audition to join the Guild, but candidates must pass through several stages of audition, training, and probation, to become a Guild model in good standing. Similarly, artist-clients must register applications, pay administrative fees, and provide professional references. The philosophy of the Guild is serious art professionalism all around. The official website says, "There is a whole art to modeling, and qualities like creativity and professionalism are highly prized." Now the oldest, largest, and most successful organization of its kind in the US, the Guild is still thriving today, connecting artists and models, supplying nude and figurative models to artists in all media. Also, the BAMG teams up with local galleries and colleges to hold figurative art shows and drawing marathons!
So, we heartlily thank Ms Flo Allen and welcome her and all her Bay Area Models Guild colleagues into our family of honorary Figure-Drawing League members!

H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R,      A N D R E W     C A H N E R


How does someone learn how to become an art model? What rules and policies should artists work by, when hiring art models? What are the model's responsibilities and what are the artist's? How can model and artist both enjoy a comfortable, professional working relationship, from the start? Traditionally, most models and artists just wing it, learning through trial and error.
Longtime art model Andrew Cahner has now provided a thorough, wide-ranging how-to guide, The Art Model's Handbook: The Naked Truth about Posing for Art Classes and Fine Artists, which will also be tremendous help to artists who work with models.
Based on his own years of experience as an art model, supplemented with extensive research and in-depth interviews with artists, photographers, professional models, and art-school management, this book simply and clearly explains what models need to know in order to work for art classes, art groups, and professional artists.
Learn what to expect in a figure-art session, how to create interesting poses, how to find (and keep) art-modeling jobs, what to bring with you to a modeling session, and what you should expect for pay and working conditions. Discover the unique opportunities and problems associated with nude modeling and costume modeling, short poses and long poses, providing visual reference and providing muse-like inspiration. With grace, intelligence, and good nature, Andrew takes on essential questions about nudity and body issues, as well as the often-overlooked but absolutely vital questions of comfort, safety, privacy, and security.
Not only will artists get the model's perspective, but Andrew helpfully includes a sample model release form and many sample guidelines, protocols, and policies -- not only for the model but also for artists, groups, and schools hiring models. David R. Quammen, founder of the Figure Models Guild in Washington, D.C., wrote that this book is "a boon to art instructors, art students, model coordinators and those artists who meet in groups to work from the nude figure."
The book is illustrated with images from over twenty artists and contains a glossary of art terms and lists of books and websites.
Publishing a book on your own is always a mark of courage, much less one that unselfishly welcomes new people into your specialized trade. But, as if all this weren't enough, Andrew has been diligently building an up-to-date online directory of workshops, open studios, art groups, schools, arts centers, and continuing-education classes that offer opportunities for professional models and the artists who want to create art from the live human form, all over the US and Canada!
Order Andrew Cahner's illustrated book, The Art Model's Handbook: The Naked Truth about Posing for Art Classes and Fine Artists

H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R S,      W E B M A S T E R S     o f     t h e     w e b s i t e s     F I G U R E D R A W I N G S . C O M     a n d     F I G U R E - D R A W I N G S . C O M

An amazing pair of websites and a blog, jam-packed with hundreds of images, art books (many rare and long out of print), educational notes and tips on theory and technique, rotating models on pedestals, Internet art links, links to forums and groups, lists of figure-drawing sessions around the country, Muybridge animations, links to models, even free drawing lessons! And many other resources. For any figure artist, a treasure trove!

H O N O R A R Y     M E M B E R,      D A V I D     R.     Q U A M M E N



David R. Quammen organized the professional Figure Models Guild, which since 2002 has grown to be the only recognized source of professional figure models in the Washington DC area. It is an association of professional models who believe that modeling is an art form in itself and that models are a tool for the instructor, a template for the artist, and an inspiration to the process. Tirelessly promoting figure art and figure modeling, David has created and maintains (1) a Model Registry that he provides to all the colleges, schools, groups and many individual artists who hire models, (2) a comprehensive Figurative Arts Directory, which lists all the places that use models, (3) a Yahoo chat group Artists-Models with a worldwide membership, and (4) an e-mail list that regularly announces new opportunities for modeling. David protects the indentity and privacy of models and refers models only to artists he personally knows and trusts.

The Figure Models Guild is the only US art-model organization with a formal model training and self-evaluation program -- which includes narratives, demonstrations, hundreds of digital images of models of the Figure Models Guild and of poses captured by famous artists -- to provide the novice and professional alike with a base of poses to draw from to develop their own repertoire.
As if all that weren't enough, David, since 2005, has been the energetic reforming director of the nonprofit MOCA DC Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, with a special emphasis on figurative work, conducting innovative exhibitions, and providing opportunity to artists who have had little or no opportunity to exhibit their work in a mainstream gallery.
MOCA DC Gallery
So, for all these things he has done for figure art, we heartlily thank Mr David R. Quammen and welcome him into our family of honorary Figure-Drawing League members.

Know someone who has done a lot for figure art?
Nominate someone to be an Honorary Member!Nominate them to be an Honorary Member of the Figure-Drawing League!

They'll get heartwarming praise and free advertising! Know a courageous gallery owner or museum curator who put on an all-figure-art show? An artist who started an atelier that emphasizes work with the figure? Magazine editors or news editors who feature figure art regularly? TV stations that air high-quality programming about figure art? One of our hard-working art models? (Where would we be without our excellent, under-appreciated models?) Or anyone else you know who has done a lot for figure art in any way! We'd love to hear about them!
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