Go on working freely and ferociously.  You will make progress. -- Paul Gauguin.  Figure drawing groups nude art life human figure study sketch drawing painting models My models, my human figures, are never like extras in an interior.  They are the main theme of my work.  I depend absolutely on my model. -- Henri Matisse.  Figure drawing groups nude art life human figure study sketch drawing painting models

Some of our member artists at work in the world of art

    World-renowned artist Richard Scott discusses his painting
    Kelly Borsheim gets a classical drawing of a plaster casting just right
    Elena Roche wins a well-deserved grand prize
    Nicholas St.John Rosse throws himself into painting a monumental mural of The Last Supper for St. Paul's The Apostle Catholic Church in his home county of Cornwall, England
    Susan Cornelis beams with justified pride in front of her wonderful figurative abstract Lady Of Whispers
    Figure-Drawing League members work at their art until they are absolutely exhausted! Ron Sanders won all sorts of awards and prizes for this wonderful triple-self-portrait painting
    Kristina Laurendi Havens begins a splendid new painting
    Figure-Drawing League members are philosophical. David M. Stallings believes, "The world is full of harsh, loud vulgarity. I want to bring forth a soft, quiet beauty." And, true to his word, David does just that with his paintings and drawings. . . .
    Figure-Drawing League members travel the world looking for great art. Here, Kelly Borsheim soaks up some inspiration from the Old Master sculptors in Italy
    Figure-Drawing League members are innovative. Jean Lagadec's minimalist art expresses a transcendental vision of abstracted beauty, and Jean follows the Eastern concept that a work of art is finished only when you cannot take anything more out.
    Figure-Drawing League members can also be versatile. Colin Page enjoys plein-air painting beautiful Maine landscapes
    Kelly Borsheim works on her magnificent painting of Icarus
    Figure-Drawing League artists do noble deeds. Rod Lamkey generously contributes portrait paintings to The Faces of the Fallen memorial at Arlington National Cemetery
    Agnes Preszler puts fine finishing touches on one of her many, many portraits.
    Larry Otoo beams in front of two of his wonderful paintings that have so excited the art world in Ghana.
    Along with running his popular life-drawing group in Toronto, Canada, artist Gary Smith, right, creates fun and memorable art events for his students and the art-loving public. Here, he engages another artist in a face-to-face portrait challenge.

L E A G U E   A R T I S T S

C L A S S I Q U E   G A L L E R Y                E S P R I T   G A L L E R Y
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CLASSIQUE 5       CLASSIQUE 6       CLASSIQUE 7       CLASSIQUE 8                             ESPRIT 5       ESPRIT 6       ESPRIT 7       ESPRIT 8      
CLASSIQUE 9       CLASSIQUE 10       CLASSIQUE 11       CLASSIQUE 12                       ESPRIT 9       ESPRIT 10       ESPRIT 11       ESPRIT 12      

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