Female Nude Torso after Maillol, a graphite pencil drawing

Female Nude Torso after Maillol

(below, highlighted detail of figure image)

Female Nude Torso after Maillol, a graphite pencil drawing, highlighted figure detail


Female nude figure

HB, B and 3B graphite pencils on white Canson 50-pound (74-G) acid-free paper

January 2008

Dimensions: paper 11 inches (27.9 cm) high by 8-3/8 inches (21.2 cm) wide; image about 7-1/2 inches (about 19 cm) high by about 4-1/2 inches (about 11.5 cm) wide, positioned on upper two-thirds of paper

Developed and drawn, as an exercise, from Chained Action, a splendid female torso sculpture by French artist Aristide Maillol (1861-1944), seen three-quarter view. The sculpture seemed to be made of a dark material, which seemed to interfere with the natural shadows of the sculpture, so I lightened the tone a bit here and there. And I made the figure itself a little more natural and realistic, widening the hips, lengthening the legs, and lowering the position of the breasts that Maillol had placed unusually high on the torso.

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